Zoe's Ice Cream Delite

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Let us start you out with a drink!

   Regular...$1.69 Large...$1.99 

(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Diet Mountain Dew)

   Tea(32oz)...$1.69 Gallon of Tea...$3.79

   Cup of Coffee...$0.85

"New"- Bird Dog

What is a Bird Dog?

It is a hotdog bun that holds delicious tenders.

Try it OUT!

Original: Fried tender, honey mustard, swiss cheese, crunchy bacon

Mean: Fried tender, hot sauce, ranch, swiss, bacon

Good: Fried tenders, special Sauce, lettuce, pickle , swiss, bacon

Cool: Grilled tender, ranch, slaw, swiss, bacon

Italian: Fried tender, marinara, mozzarella cheese

Combo is $6.59

Single is $4.39

All combos come with drink and your choice of fries, chips and side salad.

Zoe's Plates

   Served with choice of (2) Veggies and bread.

(Texas toast, roll, cornbread, or hushpuppies)

   Chicken Livers or Gizzards   $8.19

   Chicken Tenders(5)   $9.79

   Chicken Wings(10)   $11.99

   Beef Liver  $9.79   Small   $8.19

   Hamburger Steak   $10.19   Small   $8.79

   Country Fried Steak   $10.19  Small   $8.79

   Pork Chip(s)   $10.19 (1)Small   $8.79

   Ham   $10.19

   BBQ(pork)   Plate   $10.19

   Fish Filet(2)   $12.49  (1)Small   $10.49

Shrimp(12) $12.49

Shrimp(6) & Fish(1) $12.49

   Veggie Plate(4) with bread   $7.19

     (served with grilled Onions and gravy)

Sampler Plate

   2-tenders, 4-wings,  2-poppers,  2-stick,
   Fried Pickles,  o-rings or fries, served with(3) sauces and bread. 
 (No substitutions on wings or tenders) 


1/4 pint   $1.15   1/2 pint   $1.95   Pint   $3.95
   Mac-n-cheese     Home style Chips     Fruit Cup
   Onion Rings     French Fries     Collards
   Okra     Green Beans     Field Peas
   Salad     Mashed Potatoes     Lima Beans
   Cole Slaw      Cabbage      Fried Green Tomatoes
   Fried Corn on the Cob

                 Extra Bread   $0.59

Zoe's  Burgers

        Fresh Ground Chuck
   Mini   $1.39ea, Combo(2)  Burgers   $5.79 
   Single Hamburger   $4.49   Combo   $6.69
   Double Hamburger   $6.49   Combo   $8.69

      All Combos come with drink and your choice of fries, chips or side salad.

                (any substitutions $0.59)

Scramble Burger

   Single   $5.99   Combo   $8.19

Patty Melt

   Single   $4.49   Combo   $6.69

Zoe's Dogs 

   Served with mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickles.
      All combos come with drink and your choice of fires, chips or side salad.

                (Any substitutions   $0.59)

   Regular Dog  
     Single   $1.99 Combo   $4.19
   Foot Long   Single   $2.99  Combo   $5.19
   Corn Dog   Single   $1.99   Combo   $4.19

   Scramble Dog

     Mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, oyster crackers, and topped with chili!

   Regular   Single   $3.59   Combo   $5.79
   Foot Long   Single   $4.59   Combo   $6.79

Personalize your Burger or Dog!

(add a topping for only $0.50)

Swiss or American Cheese, Shredded Cheddar, Mushrooms, Nacho Cheese, Jalapenos, Slaw Kraut, Chili.

Bacon   $1.39(2 pieces)

Zoe's Specialty Sandwiches

  All combos come with drink and your choice of fries, chips or side salad.

     (any substitutions $0.59)

Steak Sandwich   Single   $4.39   Combo   $6.59
Pork Chop Sandwich   Single   $4.39   Combo   $6.59
Chicken Tender Sandwich   Single   $4.39   Combo   $6.59
Chicken Salad Sandwich   Single   $4.39   Combo   $6.59
BLT Sandwich   Single   $4.29   Combo   $6.49
Grilled Cheese Sandwich   Single   $2.49   Combo   $4.69
Ham & Cheese Sandwich   Single   $4.39   Combo   $7.79
Chicken or Ham Club Sandwich   Single   $5.59   Combo   $7.79
Fish Filet Sandwich  Single   $5.59   Combo   $7.79
BBQ   Single  $4.69   Combo   $6.89

Parties of 6 or more 18% Gratuity added

  Zoe's Salads

   Salads contain: Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, egg and cheese, served with crackers and dressing. 

Tender Salad   $7.99
   Grilled, Fried, or Buttermilk Grilled Tenders
Chef''s Salad   $8.49
   Grilled Chicken and Ham
Super Salad   $8.99
   Fried and Grilled Chicken, ham, bacon
Chicken Salad   $7.49
  On a bed of lettuce, served topped with cheese and tomato slices
Bacon or Ham Salad   $7.49
Fried Green Tomato Salad   $7.49
Taco Salad  $7.59
   Nacho chips on a bed of lettuce w/beef or chicken, cheese salsa, and sour cream.  (add chili for $0.75)
Side Salad   Small w/1 dressing   $2.39   Large w/2 dressings   $4.49

Extra Dressing/Sauce

Zoe"s special sauce, marinara, horsey, garlic butter, BBQ, wing sauce, honey mustard, bleu cheese, thousand island, ranch, lite ranch, Italian, french, and tartar

2oz   $0.49 each   1/4 pint   $0.89  1/2pint   $1.69

Zoe's Soups

Homemade Vegetable (seasonal
Homemade Chili

Soup or Chili     $4.99
Add grilled cheese or side salad   $6.99
Best Deal! Soup, grilled cheese and drink  $7.99

Zoe's Snacks 

All snack come with
 bread and your choice of fries, chips or side salad 

Chicken Tenders (3) $6.29
   (3) Tenders grilled, fried or butter milk grilled $6.29
Livers/Gizzards $5.99
Shrimp(6) grilled, fried, or tossed $6.99
Chicken Wings(6) $7.49
  Wings flavors hot, mild, bbq, teriyaki, garlic butter, lemon pepper, or sweet hot chili, parmesan

Add A Drink $1.00 More

Zoe's Extras

Fries  Small  $2.39  Family Size  $4.69
Onion Rings  Small  $2.99  Family Size  $5.79
Homestyle Chips  Small  $2.39   Large   $4.69
Fried Mushrooms  Small  $2.99  Large  $5.79
Nachos w/cheese  Small  $2.39  Family Size  $4.69
Fried Corn on the Cob  2/$1.69  4/$3.19
Okra  Small  $3.49  Family Size  $5.89
Fried Green Tomatoes  4/$3.39  8/$6.49
Fried Pickles  Small  $3.49  Family Size  $5.89
Poppers or Cheese Stix  4/$4.29  8/$8.49 or $1.25ea
Chicken Salad  1/2 pint  $4.39  Pint  $8.59
COMBO BASKET(Banana Peppers/Jalapenos/Pickles) (Fried) Small $3.59 Large $5.99

Zoe's Kiddie Menu


Served with drink and your choice of fries, green beans, mashed potatoes, or fruit cup

Tender Sandwich/Tender Bites
Grilled Cheese/Corn Dog
Plain Hot dog/Burger

Parties of 6 or more 18% gratuity added

Zoe's Specials
Wings   $1.25 Each

6 wings   $6.49
12 wings   $10.99
25 wings   $20.99
50 wings   $40.99

Served with Ranch dressing
(celery add. charge.)

Chicken Tenders $1.25 each
  (10)$11.99     (15)$17.59     (25)$28.99     (50)$55.99
Served with Choice of Sauce

Shrimp (12) - $8.99, (25) $17.99, (50) $34.99 (or $0.80 each)

Party Trays

  (dine in add $0.75 per person)

   25 Wings/15 Tenders/and Large FF   $39.49
   25 Wings/15 Tenders/Large FF or Pint of Slaw   $49.99
   50 Wings/Large FF or Pint of Slaw   $41.99
   50 Wings/25 Tenders/Large FF and Pint or Slaw   $71.99
 25 Shrimp w/Family FF $21.99
50 Shrimp w/Family FF $38.99

Zoe's Desserts

Cone   Small   $0.93   Large   $1.49
Cups   Small   $1.19   Large   $1.65

Waffle Cones   Small   $1.99   Large   $2.69

One topping plus whipped cream and a cherry.
Small   $2.89 Large   $3.79 
(extra toppings or nuts $0.60)

Banana Split   $4.49

Beauregard Blaster
Small   $3.29   Large   $4.79

Blaster Flavors:
heath, m&m, cookie dough, butterfingers, Oreo, 
snicker, Reese's, brownie bites.

(Any one flavor)
small   $1.90   large   $2.85

Brownie Delite     $4.29
Cake     $3.29
Pie or Cobbler     $1.99

Pickle Pop     $0.30

Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice.