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Welcome to Zoe's Ice Cream Delite's web page. Zoe's (ZO-E) is a family run establishment working to give back to our amazing community.  How,you say? We provide home cooked food that you can afford and are sure to love. When you eat here you become family. We will always compensate for any mistakes, and we will always work through passion for your satisfactin , not formality. We want you to feel welcomed and your bellies full when you leave.  Come and eat and enjoy the home-cooked, country food.   

You can Call Orders In 


Home Made New York Cheese Cake

Double Layer Red Velvet Cake

Happy Hour


Half Price


Lunch Specials


$7.00 with tax

Monday-Ft Long Scramble Dog/Fries

Tuesday-4 Tenders Bread and a Side

Wednesday-8 Wings Bread and a Side

Thursday-Small Hamburger Steak/Country              Fried Steak with Bread and a Side

Double Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake 

     We Love Our Community

     Our love for our community isn’t only shown through our service and food, here at Zoe’s we are huge supporters of local charities and organizations in Beauregard. Through any disaster or crisis, Zoe’s Ice Cream Delite is always here to take charge and help those who are leading the efforts back to prosperity. It is so important to us to support these organizations because they are the one’s who keep Beauregard up as the loving, tight-knit community we are. Our small business thrives from the passionate spirit of the people in our little home, so we pledge to always help in any way we can with unconditional support.

     We would have never had made it as an amazing business if it weren’t for our employees who keep the restaurant beautiful. Our health score is 100 and has been for years. The lowest it has been in the past was 99. With every order we promise that it will be with cleanliness and diligence every time. We take pride in our cleanliness and keeping our customers safe is a top priority for us. Our employees always make sure that we have top-notch service and cleanliness in our building. Whether you make a to-go order or come dine in the dining room, you are sure to have an amazing and safe experience.

     As much as we love our customers, we also love their fur-babies too! Up at the window, we have dog treats and will always be more than happy to slip them a small cup of ice cream or a small chicken tender! So bring your pets up here please and we will always be here with a smile.

History of Zoe's is an Amazing story.  Let’s go back to a time were Zoe's was not even a thought: The inspiration of Zoe's started when Big B was open in 1978.  It was a franchise at that time. The people that ran Big B was my mother Betty and Papa Joe.  I started working for them when I was twenty-three years old with a two-year-old son, Chauncey. By that time, Betty and Papa Joe had ended up buying the building and restaurant from Big B. In 1983 Papa Joe had died, and so Betty had renamed the restaurant Papa Joe's BBQ to honor her brother, and so our restaurant journey had begun. Years of working at Papa Joe’s with my son and family really inspired me to want to go into the business on my own. I then was married to Mike Webster in 1985 and we moved to Beauregard. We decided to buy a small building here and in 2002, Zoe’s Ice Cream Delite was born out of an old ice cream diner. In 2006, Betty died, but the love and passion for food lived on through us in our business that continues to thrive. In 2017 Papa Joe’s burned down because of a heater fire, and years of history burned down with it. Today, I have the sign in my dining room at Zoe’s that was out front of Papa Joe’s to remember our inspiration and passion that led us into success today.

     Zoe's was opened in 2002, Named after my granddaughter Zoe Hurst, who was two at the time. Since the opening of Zoe’s, she had graduated High school as Salutatorian with a 4.0 GPA and is on her way to getting her Associates in Social Work in 2020. She brings her knowledge of helping and socializing with people to this business. She wants to get her bachelor’s in social work by 2022. Chelsea, who is my granddaughter and Zoe's older sister, graduated from Smiths Station High School and is an aspiring cosmetologist. She was a waitress at Zoe's for years until she got married, and left to pursue her dreams in Seattle, Washington. We miss you Chelsea! 

     Papa Joe’s the business that is Zoe’s today. Zoe’s will be a family restaurant and all customers will be treated like family. We want bring joy and hope through good, honest food. Here at Zoe’s, it is more than a restaurant. We are built off love and passion and show that through our service to our people here in Beauregard or whoever is just passing through.


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